Description:eBPLS (electronic Business Permit and Licensing System) is a software product and web application that enables LGUs to process business permit applications electronically. This system standardizes the business process flow in the application of business permit and licenses and provides a faster turnover time in the processing. The tedious manual processes that required much applicant follow-ups are replaced by a system that enables applications, queries on approval status, as well as, remaining tax dues. It also supports Community Tax Certificate (CTC) processing required by every LGU.
Modules:* Business Permits and Licensing only
Developer:National Computer Center
General Features:
  • Access-friendly. LGU constituents going into business or renewing their permits have the option of avoiding the long lines and hassle of personal appearances. They can log-in to the LGU’s web portal on the internet or in the LGU’s kiosk and access the eBPLS online module to download and submit forms, as well as inquire into the status of their permit and license applications.

  • Deployment Versatility. It can run in stand-alone mode or in a local area network (LAN) environment. It is, however, optimal in a LAN environment and linked with the eReal Property Tax System (eRPTS) and the eTreasury Operations Management System (eTOMS). It is compatible with GIS software required by NCC.

  • It can be made accessible through the Internet. It can also be hosted on the LGU's own network and shielded with a firewall and other security measures, or on a dedicated server of an outside party (needing broadband Internet connection such as DSL, ISDN, T1, etc.)

  • Multi-Module System. The eBPLS opens up and expands an LGU's capability in the administration of business licensing in five (5) key areas (Application, Assessment, Approval, Payment and Releasing) and other related areas:

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